Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunny, sleepy day

The weather is perfect. Sunny, breezy and 80 degrees. With winter looming in the next couple of months, I'm soaking in these days while I can. I spent the morning baking pumpkin muffins (completely from scratch, I might add) and picking up the house. Afterwards, I grab a hard cider and bring the dogs out to play in the backyard. Reluctant at first to leave the cool house, they both stumble down the steps and into the sunshine. They each meander over to the water bucket and rehydrate. Boden soaks his entire upper body and head. About a minute and a half later, they are both already lying in the shade under the back steps, dead to the world. Apparently, they are just way too exhausted to enjoy this lovely day. I mean, they did have a really rough day consisting of napping in the house, a brief morning walk, napping on the porch, running outside to go potty, napping in the house again, etc. And what might they be doing right now? Napping. Maybe I should have considered a more active breed of dog. I did manage to snap this quick photo of Boden in one of the few minutes he was actually awake today.

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