Thatcher (aka Thatcher Grey - Grey's Anatomy fans here) is our 2-year-old Newfie boy. He is clever, observant and a bit on the serious side. We've always joked that he wears his heart on his sleeve because of his expressive eyes and wide range of emotions. He is too smart for his own good, and has been known to whine if we aren't paying him enough attention or give the cold shoulder if things don't go his way. As time goes by, he has grown more cautious and protective. His worst enemies are bonfires and loud noises.

Thatcher has always had a compulsion to stash things. His favorite hiding place is under the pillows or blankets on our bed, but we've also watched him "bury" bones in plain sight in the corner of a room. One of his favorite games to play is "Up-up", where we throw any object into the air for him to jump up and catch. He also has an infatuation with balls, and will often drop one into our laps, then stand back and bark at us as if to say, "Throw it, already!". Despite his complex personality, Thatcher is gentle, caring boy who is extremely loyal to his family.

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