Boden (aka Bodie Bear) is our 11-month-old charismatic Newfie boy. He is spirited, affectionate and goofy. We call him our "flower child" because he is perpetually cheerful and loving, without a care in the world. He is confident and brave, almost to a fault. He seems to think every single human and creature was put on earth to be his friend. 

Known to stomp up stairs and trip over his own feet, Boden's awkward body is a work-in-progress. As he's entered his "teenage" stage, he's progressively learning how to control all of his limbs. He enjoys carrying items around the house, including boots, pillows and toys. Sticks and snow are staples in his diet (despite our attempts to prevent this), and baby carrots rank a close second. He is extremely sociable and will often climb into our laps to snuggle. The one thing he adores more than anything is his brother Thatcher.

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