Friday, September 21, 2012

Boden walks Thatcher

Walking the dogs is now the morning task that takes me the longest. I used to take Thatcher for a mile long walk in the morning before work and in the evening after work. Now, it takes us the same time to walk half the distance with Boden. Walking an adult dog and a puppy at the same time takes skill, and lots of tripping and adjusting the leashes. It used to be easier just to keep Boden off-leash and let him follow us. But lately this backfires if there is any human life form in site, as he'll beeline directly to them. Regardless of if he has to cross a busy street to get to them. He obviously has no concept of stranger danger, or that cars can be dangerous. So although it's kind of a hassle, I now keep him leashed. This is how an average walk with Boden goes.

I put leashes on both dogs and leave the yard. Thatcher walks perfectly. Boden walks about 11 steps, then abruptly stops. So I give Boden's leash a little tug, trying to get him to move. He sits, plants his front paws and braces himself firmly. Throughout this little struggle, Thatcher gently moves forward, trying to keep the walk going. I give Boden's leash another little tug, and luckily I'm still the stronger one. Boden finally starts walking and we move along our merry way, with Boden whining in protest. Boden will finally stop whining once he realizes that it's not going to get him out of walking. So he instead directs his attention to attacking Thatcher's head repeatedly. If Thatcher ignores him, he decides to go to more extreme measures and grabs Thatcher's leash in his mouth. So for most of our walks, that's what we look like. Me walking Boden, Boden walking Thatcher.

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