Monday, July 8, 2013

Pool play

Turns out that Boden is a little more enthusiastic about our pool than Thatcher is. Whereas Thatcher has always enjoyed splashing around in water, he prefers it to be shallow enough to walk around in. He glides into the water to chase down a ball, but doesn't stay in to actually swim around for too long. We weren't sure how Boden would react to a pool, being as he was born in late summer, and the cooler temperatures set in before we had a chance to introduce him to water. So this weekend has been his first experience actually swimming. Without hesitation, he hopped right in. He isn't the greatest swimmer yet - we've had to keep a close eye on him because he sometimes forgets to paddle his legs and would start sinking. But he is in love with the pool. His favorite activity is to swim over to a human, put his front paws around your neck in a bear hug, and just float with you holding him. One thing we need to teach Boden is that you don't need to jump into the pool every single time you go outside. Last night, right before bed, I let them out to go potty for the last time. Before I had a chance to stop him, Boden climbed into the pool, not a care in the world. I learned my lesson too - remember to close the gates to the pool.


  1. That is so great that Boden loves the pool! We have a pool and I can't seem to get either one of my boys to enjoy it! It's an above ground pool, so the steps are kind of tricky!

    Glad to read that everyone made the trip ok and is adjusting!

  2. Sounds like you've created a monster. ;) How wonderful!

  3. Hello Big Guys. You look like the dog in "Must Love Dogs" movie.
    Dis is the first time i've been over to you bloggie. I saw you on the blog hop. Wow…. you get to swim in a big pool? I only have a little pool but I still have fun. I had fun on the 4th of July, play'n in my little pool with my playdate buddies.
    Enjoy the water.
    Ranger (the scottie pup)

  4. Awww! I just love to see dogs in their "element"! They look great in there!

  5. Great to see these guys in the pool. Love the one shot of them swimming away together.