Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy cousin Blaise

Since moving to AZ, the Newfies have gotten to spend a ton of time with Blaise, my sister's Rottweiler. Although they get along pretty well, she is definitely a different breed from Thatcher and Boden. Where they are mellow and slow-moving, she is spunky and tightly-wound. We always joke that she is Tigger and they are Eeyores. Blaise has endless energy, so as hard as they try, my boys can't keep up with her for too long. One area she really shows them up in is the pool. Thatcher and Boden prefer to glide into the water and swim gracefully so they don't get splashed. Blaise is a jumper and will fly half-way across the pool to get at whatever toy is thrown. We have to make all the dogs take turn when playing fetch in the pool, otherwise the Newifes don't stand a chance. 


  1. Wow… Blaise is well named. You guys need some number signs and you can score his dives.
    Stay cool.

  2. nice recreation for these handsome lads!

  3. Beautiful pets. And that tug of war pose is just priceless.

  4. That pool sure looks like a lot of fun! You know what they say, "you can't pick your relatives"!

  5. They are kept busy because these pets have a lot of space to romp around and they are very happy about it. Nice doggies. woof.