Monday, January 28, 2013


Boden is always so proud of himself when he finds a treasure before Thatcher does. These "treasures" can be anything really, a dead mouse (luckily this has only happened once so far), a long-lost bone, a piece of food someone dropped in the snow, or in this case a simple chunk of wood. Wood and sticks are his favorite, and he'll happily prance around all of us in circles when he finds a good one. Thatcher, of course, has picked up on the game. In typical big brother fashion, he's learned to pretend he's not interested in whatever Boden has. Boden, seeing he can't get a reaction out of Thatcher, will end up getting bored and will drop the object. This is Thatcher's cue to swoop in and steal it. We watch countless variations of this game on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. It never gets old.

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