Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fog rolls in

Stepped outside this morning to find that a thick fog has engulfed our backyard, along with most of the neighborhood. The Newfies didn't find it as fascinating as I did, all they cared about was the treat in my hand - their typical incentive for posing for the camera. Every time I take my camera outside with us, the dogs look at me wearily, knowing that they'll be stuck modeling for at least a photo or two. Thatcher is a natural model, and will patiently sit as long as I ask him to while I compose the photo. Boden, on the other hand, has far less self-control. To him, it's complete torture to sit still when I'm stooped down at his level, holding a treat just a few feet away from him. I usually get about a five-second window to take a quick shot of Boden sitting nicely before he trots over to me expectantly, anticipating his reward.

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