Sunday, October 21, 2012

Forty pounder

Boden and I ventured to the vet this morning. I thought the appointment was at 8am, so I pretty much just woke up, swigged a cup of coffee, let the dogs out to use the bathroom, then jumped in the car with Boden. After rushing to get there in time, we walk in only to discover that the appointment isn't until 9am. Boden was acting really nervous, whining and frantically pacing around me in circles, so we just got back into the car and drove home. I had time to give him and Thatch a walk, have another cup of coffee, then run out the door again. 

He was a trooper though, and didn't even flinch when he got his shots. He absolutely adores all of the reception ladies and vet techs. They were all shocked at how much he's already grown. The last time they saw him, three weeks ago, he weighed in at 29lbs. Now he's just over 40lbs. I've really taken note of his size difference when I go to give him a boost onto the couch or our bed. He still hasn't found enough coordination to hop onto furniture, so he will just stand with his front paws up, waiting for you to lift his back end up. Hopefully he figures out how to work his muscles before he gets a whole lot bigger. Sometimes he refuses to get out of the car. The 1.5 foot drop to the ground is just way too dangerous, so I'm forced to lift him out. That's when I really feel those extra pounds.

Later today, the dogs got a nice treat - our nieces and nephew stopped over to visit. The littlest one, who is 3 years old, referred to Boden as "Cottonball." I kept hearing, "Come here, Cottonball. Here, Cottonball," and would look over to see Boden attacking the kids with kisses. All of them kept bringing toys outside just for Boden, but of course Thatcher would not allow himself to be overlooked and would confiscate any toy Boden even glanced at. They had lots of fun, and it was a win-win for all of the human adults. The kids were tuckered out for the car ride home, and the dogs napped the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your babies with us. They are beautiful and it is a joy to see your photos. We are newf people. Our big boy, Oogie, passed a year ago and I miss him every day. We still have a son and daughter of his but he was a big brown sweetheart.

    Thanks again, Brett.