Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fight or flight

So the state fair is going on and it happens that we live fairly close. How close? During the day, we can catch the aroma of fried doughnuts in the air. At night, we're able to hear the music from band concerts in the grandstands. Needless to say, many downsides to this. One being traffic. If we want to trek to our regular grocery store, the fastest route requires us to drive right by the fairgrounds. Now, this is actually a good way to practice your how-not-to-hit-pedestrians skill. Another downside comes around at about 10:30-11pm. Fireworks.

Thatcher is deathly afraid of fireworks. This did not stem from any particular incident. He has never had a bad experience around fireworks. In fact, he really hasn't been around them except for those rare occasions in the summer. But during the state fair, they shoot off fireworks every single night. It always happens right as I'm about to drift off to sleep. I don't wake up to the boom of the fireworks. We live in a big city, my brain is used to tuning out loud noises like trains, planes or crazy people. But I wake up to Thatcher's deep bark. He is convinced that the only safe place in our house when fireworks are going off is right in the doorway to our bedroom. So when they start, he runs upstairs barking, lies in the doorway of our room and does not move a muscle until they've stopped. Poor guy. Comforting doesn't even help. We try to get him to snuggle on the bed during this ordeal, but he will not move from his safe place.

Puppy update: 10 more days until we get to snuggle our new little Newfy. We received a packet of info from the puppy person. Contract, a book about the breed (can't wait to read!), etc. So Thatch and I are sipping coffee on the front porch, browsing through all the fun info. I may be slightly more excited than he is.

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